A key component of Men’s Health.

To all Men – Male health is a choice. Make that choice today.

Don’t’ wait until significant damage has been done to

your body before seeking expert advice. 

For 20 plus years, functional medicine physicians have been helping men (and women) with health concerns associated with what is often called Low T or low testosterone. In the early years, it was the wives, girlfriends, or other family friends and even family doctors who would refer the men to us. As men became more informed, and as marketers emphasized sexual prowess and increased muscle mass, they came to our clinics seeking their own answers. 

Why? Most complained of low energy, use of energy drinks to keep alert, loss or lessening of ambition, slowing cognitive function, and often low sex drive. For some, the dreaded ED. 

Reduced muscle strength was a common concern as was excess body fat. Many would say, I used to eat whatever I wanted. Now, look at my belly. It is definitely not flat. 

Overall, many lacked the vitality experienced in their younger years. Even if they still had a decent sex drive, they admitted it was not as good as when younger.  

Some just wanted to ensure they retained their vitality and to prevent any decline.

So how can we HELP?

First, increasing testosterone levels with bioidentical (natural) testosterone can address many if not most of these concerns or symptoms. However, we emphasize that testosterone also helps prevent prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease as well as sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass). 

We then explain that it is not all about testosterone. For example, our comprehensive diagnostic tests include not only total and free testosterone with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, but estradiol, homocysteine, HbA1C, CRP, thyroid, insulin, blood markers, cholesterol, PSA, liver function, and more. We also check for heart risks and brain and gut health.

Healthy eating and proper exercise are the mainstays of our Male Health Program as are monitoring and follow-up.

Why Men delay seeking medical help?

Up to 65% of men who have health symptoms, or an injury wait to see a doctor until forced by a loved one or they can no longer deny a problem. Are they being macho? Do they not want to discover they may have a serious problem? Or just stubborn? 

Fear is definitely a factor but more often than not, it is that men do not realize the benefits of prevention and the healing power of functional medicine.

Call us before a minor problem becomes a major problem. Most chronic diseases are preventable, and most are curable if caught early enough by proper diagnostic testing. 

For example, some routine blood tests can reveal hidden causes of depression, anxiety, memory loss, low energy, infections, and much more. A treatment plan can then be implemented to address any issues and prevent further problems. 

These diagnostic tests include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low testosterone, high homocysteine, high c-reactive protein levels (inflammation).  At Replenish Wellness, our testing includes these and much more. All at a low cost. 

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